Identity Protection & Fraud Prevention

Identity Protection
& Fraud Prevention

Combating fraudulent activity
with top ranked biometric solutions

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Identity Protection & Fraud Prevention

NEC Digital Platform For State & Local Government
Detect Bad Actors, Deliver Great Services

As demand for social services increase, so do the number of fraudulent applicants. The NEC Digital Platform uses the fastest and most accurate face recognition algorithm on the market to quickly scan huge databases of images to verify applicants and prevent duplicate or fraudulent identities.

Learn more about how the platform can help your agency prevent social services fraud.

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Innovations In Identify Assurance

  • Privacy & Security Protection - All of NEC's biometric solutions are developed using security- and privacy-by-design approaches for easy integration into security and privacy workflows.

  • Performance Innovation - More simplified and efficient processes are made possible through solution and IT modernization.

  • Operational Efficiency - See increased performance even with large databases and low-quality images without sacrificing accuracy.
Secure & Efficient
Intuitive & Adaptive

  • Optimal Scalability - Evolving business needs and database growth is easily supported for ongoing usability.

  • Web-based Accessibility - Easily use and administer identification and investigation applications from anywhere for optimum use case and management scenarios.

  • User-Friendly Functionality - Quick, accurate and intuitive searches and reviews of still photos or videos, speedy processing of image comparisons to existing large image databases as well as ready access to prior audit search results and case notes.
  • Easy Management - Powerful workflow engines increase efficiency, along with simplified system administration maximizes operations.

  • Immediate & Long-term Value - Multiple solution configurations and flexible leasing programs, including government pricing schedules, work with different budget requirements.
Manageable & Affordable

Why NEC for Advanced Recognition Systems?

Proven Expertise
Over 50 years of successfully helping federal, state and local agencies prevent and solve crimes while saving time and money

World's No. 1
Biometric technology provider known for delivering solutions with social value

Innovation Leader
$2.6 billion invested annually in company-wide R&D

Ranked No. 1
By NIST for facial recognition algorithms 5 years in a row*

Continuous Innovation
A development team with the expertise and resources to constantly push the advancement of accuracy, speed and functionality

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