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Customer Experience (CX)

Building a framework for lasting satisfaction

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Meeting Expectations

For truly exceptional service that leave customers satisfied, CX investments must be able to provide safe, relevant and reliable support. This means turning single touchpoints into interconnected experiences that build with each contact. Where information delivers a deeper more meaningful understanding of the customer and omni-channel responsiveness allows such insight to be used securely and reliably regardless of where contact is made.

Now and Tomorrow
Elevating the Experience

Elevated Experiences

With solutions that work across varied settings, NEC can help organizations deliver exemplary customer service that is consistent and responsive. Not only do our solutions protect and provide the essential backend capabilities necessary to provide attentive customer services but we have solutions that can help identify possible inclinations to buy or make the purchasing experience smoothier with opt-in self-managed digital IDs.

CX Solutions That Deliver


Carrier Toll-Free Protection

This disaster recovery solution provides optimal toll-free and contact center resiliency with dial-out and dial-in failover that automatically circumvents carrier network issues to protect again downtime, outages and poor signal service quality.


Contact Center

Contact centers become more productive and transparent with access to full-featured, scalable and intuitive multi-channel managed cloud solutions and on-premises contact center solutions that augment existing functionality.


Identity Management

Reimagining the customer experience by streamlining the physical and digital in a single user managed and maintained digital ID for personalized, safe and secure interactions across countless locations and situations.


Intelligent Product Recommendation

Using AI and learning machine - and financial institutions as a case study - this solution works to identify and align products and services to customers based on a particular need and inclination to make a purchase.

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