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NEC Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification

For Its Biometric Center Of Excellence

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ISO9001 Certification

Our Core Strengths

We’re committed to making sure our solutions work for you.
We pride ourselves on being passionate problem solvers with an eye toward cutting-edge solutions that deliver precise and trusted results.
How do we achieve this?

Rigorous R&D
More than $1.2 billion invested globally annually in company-wide technologies research and development.

Exhaustive Examination
State-of-the-art technologies driven by customer insight and engineering excellence.

Unwavering Innovation
A development team motivated to achieve greater accuracy, speed and functionality.

Socially Aware
Technologies aimed at creating social value for people, communities, organizations and society.

Our Field-Tested Expertise

From major metropolitan areas to rural communities, millions of citizens around the world and
here in the United States are protected by our solutions everyday.

Global Expertise
Global Expertise
More than 150 implementations in over 30 countries.

Local Implementation
Local Implementation
Widespread initiatives
with customers covering
21 states.

Diverse Capability
Diverse Capabilities
Established partnerships with federal, state and local agencies and organizations.


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