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Ranked First
In NIST Testing

NEC's video face recognition technology

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Ranked First In NIST Testing

Our Core Strengths

We’re committed to making sure our solutions work for you.
We pride ourselves on being passionate problem solvers with an eye toward cutting-edge solutions that deliver precise and trusted results.
How do we achieve this?

Rigorous R&D
More than $1.2 billion invested globally annually in company-wide technologies research and development.

Exhaustive Examination
State-of-the-art technologies driven by customer insight and engineering excellence.

Unwavering Innovation
A development team motivated to achieve greater accuracy, speed and functionality.

Socially Aware
Technologies aimed at creating social value for people, communities, organizations and society.

Discover What Drives Us?

Our Passion

We are committed to developing and supplying trusted intelligence with identity matching solutions that help you protect the public when it counts. It is this commitment to strengthening our technologies what sets us apart.

Armed with a suite of products and resources, our team can seamlessly update your current systems and lay the groundwork for the future.

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