Kari's Law &
The Ray Baum's Act

Kari's Law & Ray Baum's Act

Emergency 911 Regulations

Being compliant with Kari's Law and the Ray Baum's Act involves multiline telephone systems (MLTS) in building enviroments supporting specific emergency 911 functionality. Kari's Law includes direct dial to 911 services and the notification of designated personnel when an emergency call is made, while the Ray Baum's Act relates to the identification of dispatchable locations of 911 callers.

Ray Baum's Act Compliance

Created to ensure faster and more accurate responses to 911 calls, the Ray Baum's Act requires all multiline telephone systems to automatically provide a dispatchable location of 911 callers so first responders can be dispatched directly to the known location.
Wired terminals and telephones must be compliant by January 6, 2021, while wireless devices by 2022.

NEC is presently working for Ray Baum's Act compliance before January 6, 2021.
Until this time, NEC recommends customers contact their local carrier to determine how dispatchable location information can be provisioned to their local trunking service.


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