Bringing together the tools and technologies for a truly collaborative experience

Unifying Communications & Collaboration

UNIVERGE 3C is a complete software-based unified communications and collaboration solution that delivers a fully functional IP-PBX along with a complete set of voice features and sophisticated unified communications (UC) and collaboration applications.

Far Reaching Returns

Being able to bring increased efficiency, flexibility and productivity to the enterprise, UNIVERGE 3C can transform an organization and enhance its reputation by simplifying:

Employee Responsiveness

Accessibility to adaptive solutions for anytime, anywhere productivity.

Team Co-Collaboration

Openness and transparency for an informed work

Assured Access

Ready availability to information and applications for a dynamic organization.

Customer Attentiveness

Fulfilling requests quickly, easily and correctly for superior customer service.

Extendable Functionality

With UNIVERGE 3C an even more dynamic environment is achievable with compatible key components that foster ever greater capabilities, including:


Software Assurance

UNIVERGE 3C can be further strengthened with Software Assurance, NEC's software subscription and support program, specially designed to protect technology investments by ensuring the software is always current and by providing software lifecycle management.

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