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As SAP's first Master VAR, 3V Solutions (3V) has extensive experience in implementing and supporting SAP solutions in a wide variety of industries and geographies. Working as a team and leveraging both organizations expertise and proficiencies, NEC and 3V Solutions are able to provide an optimal SAP solution customized to meet specific requirements while maximizing customer ROI.

Made possible by NEC's Data Center alliance with Iron Mountain and as a fully certified NEC enterprise server and storage infrastructure partner, SAP is able to offer the highest levels of security and data center resiliency through the use of NEC's high performance infrastructure as a private cloud service.

The SAP Partner Center of Excellence (PCOE) certification of 3V Solutions and NEC's experience working with SAP HANA ensures a professional, efficient implementation. The end result: A faster, smoother path to SAP HANA analytics and reporting.

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