Alliances: Intel

Intel & NEC

Innovative server and storage products that address a wide range of computing requirements


Our Relationship

For over 3 decades, NEC and Intel have worked together to deliver innovative server and storage products that address a wide range of computing requirements. Through this partnership, NEC and Intel have worked together to optimize the Intel CPU architecture in a number of areas including scalable and fault tolerant system architectures. As a result of this collaboration, NEC's Express5800 Server Family not only has consistently delivered record-breaking performance but also delivered unprecedented availability.

Our Relationship Firsts

First company to collaborate with Intel around the x86 microprocessor and produce a compatible series (V-Series).
First company to develop scalable EPIC system architecture used for UNIX, Windows, Linux and Mainframe environments.
First company to produce Intel x86 systems that utilize patented lockstep technology.
First company to introduce mission critical systems that ran HP/UX on an Intel based architecture.
First company to utilize Intel's Machine Check Architecture to support Dynamic System Partitioning.
First company to deliver 64-Core Intel Based VMware based VMmark benchmark.
First Vendor to produce x86 Compatible CPUs.
First Vendor to bring Enterprise Technology to Intel Architecture (Scale beyond 4 CPUs on IPF, Dynamic Partitioning for Windows�).
First Vendor to bring Lockstep Technology to the Intel Architecture.


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