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Microsoft & NEC

Collaborators since the earliest days of the PC industry


Our Relationship

NEC and Microsoft have collaborated since the earliest days of the PC industry with both companies contributing to the growth of PC adoption in the Japanese market. As the industry-standard architecture moved from PC to server and to cloud, NEC and Microsoft have continued this close collaboration. The companies have worked together from the first version of Windows Server to develop technologies such as Fault Tolerance and Dynamic Partitioning to provide high-performance and high-reliability solutions for our customers. The alliance expanded to include Hyper-V, private cloud designs, systems integration, industry solutions, mission critical support capabilities, and SQL Server support. Most recently, NEC and Microsoft have collaborated on solutions that utilize advanced NEC technologies and Microsoft Azure Services.

Much of the technical collaboration between Microsoft and NEC is managed by NEC's Redmond Technology Center which is located five minutes from the Microsoft campus. This organization is dedicated to supporting the Microsoft-NEC alliance relationship on a global basis.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure On The Microsoft® Windows® Server Platform

NEC's Microsoft-validated Configuration For The Software Defined Datacenter

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