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Protect your business, assets and customers with NEC biometric verification. Best-in-class face recognition strengthens multi-factor authorization.

The NEC Digital Platform powered by I:Delight includes a number of identity services that are flexible, scalable and easily integrated with any technology. The Mobile SDK supports iOS and Android, speeding your time to market.


Meet Digital ID

Mobile biometric authentication is a perfect match for your app - authenticate with authority.

Account Integrity

Users are identified by their unique facial signature - not a username or email address. This prevents users from establishing multiple accounts.

SIM swap fraud, bonus abuse, data breaches, and one time passwords are eliminated.


User Control

Face biometrics, represented by an algorithm, are saved as a Digital Token on the users's phone - not your centralized database.

Reliable NEC biometrics cannot be circumvented like low-quality, device-based biometrics.


Encrypted Key

Account origination and transaction authorization require an encrypted key, housed on the NEC Digital Platform.

Digital Tokens are meaningless until verified owners engage the key to approve transactions.

How It Works


Setup is simple, and back-end validation is seamless.


User Experience

Know Your Customer:

  • Users log into your app, set up Mult-factor Authentication
  • Prove "liveness" and take a selfie

Transaction Authorization:

  • Users submit a transaction request
  • App scans a selfie for verification


  • Unique facial signature becomes a Digital Token on user's phone
  • NEC Digital Wallet links Digital Token to NEC Digital Platform


  • Encryption key on the platform validates Digital Token and selfie, sends authorization to your database

Why NEC?

NEC has the fastest and most accurate face recognition technology in the world, according to repeated tests by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Robust R&D investment supports continual improvement to NEC's algorithms.

Stop SIM swap fraud, bonus abuse, data breaches, and one-time passwords with one identity services solution. Integrating NEC I:Delight Mobile SDK saves time and money.

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