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NEC UNIVERGE BLUE SMART ACCESS Provides Employees & Visitors an Efficient & Secure Welcome Through Automated Reservation & Self-service Check-in

Easy to use self-service transforms the visitor and employee experience and guides guests through the check-in/check-out process normally provided at a reception desk

IRVING, TX (USA), HILVERSUM (The Netherlands) - April 29, 2022 - NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading provider and integrator of advanced IT, communications, and networking solutions, today announced the introduction of UNIVERGE BLUE® SMART ACCESS solution, an easy-to-use, automated, customizable self-service, Android™-based application that guides employees, visitors or guests through the check-in/check-out process normally provided at a reception desk.

UNIVERGE BLUE SMART ACCESS solution is one of NEC's powerful Workplace Management solutions, that are dynamically delivered from the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid fashion. Complementing UNIVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES, these realize the ultimate smart workspace for workforce wellbeing, convenience, safety, and seamless collaboration.

Redefining the workplace experience - safe, sustainable, automated, and engaging
A new world of flexible working is redefining how we work, collaborate, and communicate. Cloud-based services are lowering thresholds for organizations to adopt the latest solutions that enable them to become more agile and efficient. Enterprises have a unique opportunity to embrace the digital transformation to enhance organizational resilience, workforce well-being, convenience, and productivity by creating safer, more sustainable, automated, and engaging environments for individuals and teams.

An efficient and secure welcome
In today's s security and health-conscious environment, most businesses need to account for employees and visitors and keep a record of their time spent on the premises. The majority of this is now done manually on paper sign-in/out logs and visitors are usually provided with a generic "Visitor" badge to identify themselves while on campus.

"With UNIVERGE BLUE SMART ACCESS, check-ins become fully automated and transparent, providing an efficient, speedy, and welcoming access to offices, event centers, campuses, hotel premises, and the likes," said Ed Ashley, Product Manager at NEC Enterprise Communications Technologies.

"With the application on an Android tablet positioned in an organization's reception area, an employee or visitor simply walks up to the tablet and the application guides them through the process. A person's identity is verified, reservation information is retrieved and an entry badge and information supporting a person's stay are automatically issued," added Ashley.

The service not only transforms the visitor experience and enhances staff and employee efficiency, but it also reduces waiting times and boosts safety and security. Employees or visitors who have preregistered for Face Matching or have been assigned a QR code will simply position their face or QR code to be scanned by the tablet's camera. An email automatically notifies the employee that their guest has arrived. When the time comes to leave, visitors will stop by the reception desk and select the check-out button.

Addressing key business needs, UNIVERGE BLUE SMART ACCESS features include:

  • Preregistration and self-service check-in/check-out to speed up the process and improve flow
  • 24-hour/365-day receptionist operation including real-time/historical reporting
  • Notifications and alerts to hosts and security guards
  • Restricts access to premises to those invited and registered and ensures safety guidance
  • Secure opt-in QR code and/or Face Match ID verification provides a touchless check-in/out experience
  • Touchless check-in temperature screening and occupancy restriction
  • Interface is customizable with the ability to upload customer/property logo
Experience the Future of Work
By deploying NEC's latest solutions, Smart Enterprises can transform to accommodate for a hybrid, flexible, and right-sized working environment and ensure the safety, wellbeing and convenience of staff and guests on-premises. In doing so they do not only make office visits a welcoming, pleasant, and secure experience, but also create opportunities to decrease facility operational costs.

NEC Smart Workspace brings advanced applications and real-time data together to provide an automated, frictionless service that enables secure, seamless, safe working, and a welcoming customer experience with smooth interaction across office locations, campuses, hotels, and events centers.

NEC Smart Workspace components can be deployed individually or as complete solution set and can draw on UNIVERGE INTEGRATION PLATFORM to dynamically design, manage and streamline customized workflows across an organization.

About NEC Corporation of America
NEC Corporation of America (NEC) is a leading technology integrator providing solutions that improve the way people work and communicate. NEC delivers integrated Solutions for Society that are aligned with our customers' priorities to create new value for people, businesses, and society, with a special focus on safety, security, and efficiency. We deliver one of the industry's strongest and most innovative portfolios of communications, analytics, security, biometrics, and technology solutions that unleash customers' productivity potential. Through these solutions, NEC combines its best-in-class solutions and technology and leverages a robust partner ecosystem to solve today's most complex business problems. NEC Corporation of America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, a global technology leader with a presence in 140 countries and $29.5 billion in revenues.

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