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NEC UNIVERGE BLUE SPACE MANAGEMENT Leverages the Power of Data & AI to Redefine the Workplace Experience with Flexible Location Options

Dynamic office space management ensures health and safety, flexibility, security, and privacy into every work experience across physical and virtual work locations.

IRVING, TX (USA), HILVERSUM (The Netherlands) - April 21, 2022 - NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading provider and integrator of advanced IT, communications, and networking solutions, today announced the introduction of UNIVERGE BLUE® SPACE MANAGEMENT, an innovative, dynamic office space management tool that combines the benefits of flexible work location options with in-office simulations by leveraging the power of data and artificial intelligence (AI) to embed health and safety, flexibility, security, and privacy into every work experience across physical and virtual work locations.

UNIVERGE BLUE SPACE MANAGEMENT is one of NEC's powerful Workplace Management solutions, that are dynamically delivered from the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid fashion. Complementing NEC's UNIVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES, these realize the ultimate smart workspace for workforce wellbeing, convenience, safety and seamless collaboration.

"As employees return to the workplace, office layouts, space allocation, and office designs need to adjust to evolving work behaviors and health and safety concerns. Accommodating for the future of work with UNIVERGE BLUE SPACE MANAGEMENT makes coming to the office much more relaxed and enjoyable," said Neha Singh, Product Manager at NEC Enterprise Communications Technologies.

Smart Enterprises deploy UNIVERGE BLUE SPACE MANAGEMENT to create people-centered workspaces to meet current and future demands based on:

  • Real-time location intelligence to optimize and automate office workspace allocation.
  • Physical and virtual space planning, reservation of desks, meeting rooms and parking spaces, hot desking, and proximity tracing.
  • Attendance and occupancy monitoring and movement tracing with detection capabilities and alerts integrated with SMS, automated voice calls, email and more.
  • Hybrid working for real-time collaboration experiences.
  • Digital displays and wayfinding fueled by narrowcast timely messages, customized notifications and broadcasted emergency alerts.
  • People and asset tracking to assure health and safety measures such as social distancing are followed and spot security breaches.
  • Smart Workspace controls monitor and optimize lighting, heating, and air quality, to deliver comfortable experiences and drive efficiencies and cost savings.

Features include:

  • Physical and virtual seat booking capability
  • 3D explore of floors, delegate desk reservation
  • Progressive Web App - simple to widely deploy for mobile and desktop
  • 360-degree view of parking lot and offices
  • Public URL to view booking details
  • Contactless check-in by scanning QR code
  • Easy administrative portal
  • Integration with Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.
  • Bulk User and Infospots via CSV upload
  • Rich dashboard to drive capacity metrics and productivity insights
  • Face mask detection etc. as add-on
  • Birdseye perspective
  • Consistent work experience anywhere

Redefining the workplace experience - safe, sustainable, automated, and engaging
By deploying NEC's latest solutions, Smart Enterprises can transform to accommodate for a hybrid, flexible and right-sized working environment and ensure the safety, wellbeing and convenience of staff and guests on-premises. In doing so they do not only make office visits a welcoming, pleasant, and secure experience, but also create opportunities to decrease facility operational costs.

NEC Smart Workspace brings advanced applications and real-time data together to provide an automated, frictionless service that enables secure, seamless, safe working, and a welcoming customer experience with smooth interaction across office locations, campuses, hotels, and events centers.

NEC Smart Workspace components can be deployed individually or as complete solution set and can draw on UNIVERGE INTEGRATION PLATFORM to dynamically design, manage and streamline customized workflows across an organization.

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