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How Is Facial Recognition Changing Travel Experiences?

One Unified Passenger Key

As a pioneer of cutting-edge, highly accurate identification matching technologies since the 1970s and with the most accurate face recognition algorithm available*, our technology can seamlessly recognize and authenticate the identity of a passenger. With our facial recognition systems, one simple scan becomes a single, unified biometric key that provides a secure, frictionless and personalized end-to-end airport experience.

One Airport Biometric Key

With Just One Scan

High traffic and restricted areas don't just become safer and more secure. Passenger services become more efficient and personal too.

Some of the realizable advantages:
  • No more tedious wait times in security lines.
  • Screening of travelers become effortlessly more thorough.
  • Repetitive identification processes are no longer necessary.
  • Time in the airport turns leisurely and potentially more profitable for commercial tenants.
  • How Can You Unlock Secure, Frictionless & Personalized Experiences?

    Hear how NEC's facial recognition technology with a simple scan of your face can become a single, unified biometric key that unlocks an enjoyable experience.

    Equally As Important

    Due to the NEC's facial recognition technology's low intrusiveness, highly convenient and frictionless airport experiences can also be delivered without concerning the traveler or obstructing their movement.

    Learn how NEC's NeoFace® Express is a cutting-edge, integrated solution that uses facial recognition to transform the travel experience, elevates VIP access, secure national borders, increase pedestrian flow, and keep citizens safe.

    * NEC's state-of-the-art biometric algorithms have been validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) - explore further

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