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Safety - Security - Efficiency

Orchestrating A Brighter World

Solving challenges through innovation and collaboration

A Transformational Force

Technology with its ability to reinvent and improve holds the potential of new standards in efficiency, safety and security. This has beneficial implications for almost every aspect of our lives.

We remain committed to bringing together our best-in-class integrated technology and expertise to help organizations regardless of type and size to:

  • Operate more effectively
  • Optimize business processes
  • Promote workplace engagement
  • Drive responsive collaboration
  • Enhanced customer experiences
  • Achieve competitive advantages
Transformational Force
Corporate DNA

Part Of Our Corporate DNA

We strive to create the social values of safety, security, fairness and efficiency with the solutions and services we offer to promote a more sustainable world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential.

This commitment is so core to our organization and is clearly reflected in our choice of corporate branding:

Orchestrating Logo

What Sets Us Apart

Our Global Vision Combined With Our Local Presence

Our Mission To Realize An Information-Enabled Society

Business Operations In 301 Regions

A Relentless Commitment To Help Our Customers Succeed

120+ Years Of Field-Proven Experience

Where Our Expertise Lays

MS Teams

Collaborative Communities

Productive teamwork through intuitive and adaptive tools and services

Global Communications

Business Agility

Flexible work environments responsive to customers and business demands

Toll Free Protection

Cloud Delivery

Proven on-premises, cloud and hybrid managed service models scalable to need

E911 Regulations

Assured Services

Business continuity and data security for highly available and secure ecosystems

Advanced Biometric

Advanced Biometric

A recognized leader in accurate identification matching technology and services

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Transformative results based on six+ decades of machine and deep learning research

NEC Technical Journal

Special Issue on Open Network Technologies

Network Technologies and Advanced Solutions at the Heart of an Open and Green Society

Explore our solutions, initiatives, and ongoing research and development efforts dedicated to the advancement of Beyond 5G/6G.

Start Exploring

NEC Technical Journal

Our Legacy Of Advancement

Backed by over 120 years of innovation and experience, NEC knows what it takes to change and stay ahead of technology's continuous evolution. It is our capability to leverage decades of award-winning technologies and research that has enabled NEC to remain an ICT leader and through problem resolution to bring new value to people, organizations and society as a whole.

Here are just a few of our major accomplishments:


1st domestic-made automated switching system


1st NEC computer debuts


1st NEC U.S. office opens


1st trans-pacific TV broadcast of Tokyo Olympic Games


1st 144-bit n-channel MOS memory


1st world's fastest supercomputer to predict weather patterns


NEC biometrics began (Ranked #1 fingerprint and face recognition, NIST certified)


1st satellite to bring samples from an asteroid


1st to market an enterprise-grade SDN solution


Part of consortium to build a trans-pacific submarine cable system (To date deployed enough cable to circle globe more than 5 times)


Test technology that accurately predicts landslide risk


Ranks highest in U.S. National Institution of Standards & Technology (NIST) benchmark test for video face recognition technology


Asteroid explorer Hayabusa2 arrives at asteroid Ryugu


Completes construction of world's first South Atlantic Cable System (SACS)


Partners with Star Alliance to enhance passenger experience Through Biometric Data Recognition Technology


Began production of open RAN 5G radio equipment

An Openness To Collaboration

NEC has been part of some of the largest alliances in the world.

This openness has allowed us to work closely with partners from around the world, resulting in solutions and services that provide the best value and address changing needs.

Some of our partners have included such industry leaders as:

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