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Bart & Associates & NEC

SAP® HANA® hosting services in a highly secure, scalable and energy efficient environment


Our Relationship

Through its relationship with NEC, Bart & Associates (B&A) has achieved the ability to offer SAP hosting services to government agencies, increasing the market for B&A's SAP hosting services to government clients. Leveraging NEC SAP certified Nblock infrastructure has also allowed B&A to demonstrate to clients that they have a highly integrated technology provider which can control the equipment and deliver higher levels of service to ultimately deliver the transparency required by government clients.

As a fully hosted system, B&A is now on SAP certified Intel E7v3 based infrastructure in Iron Mountain's National Data Center with managed services from NEC, with the ability to fully demonstrate to government clients their ability to deliver SAP HANA Hosting Services in a highly secure, scalable, and energy efficient environment.

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