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I-Business Network & NEC

Advancing SAP Business One hosting services to smaller sized organizations


Our Relationship

Through its relationship with NEC and Iron Mountain Data Centers, I-Business Network (I-BN) has the ability to offer advanced SAP Business One hosting services to small to medium size businesses in virtually all industries. "I-BN benchmarked the NEC solution to deliver higher performance than hosted appliances or public cloud providers," said Gary Feldman, President & CEO of I-BN. "This allows I-BN to expand the market for SAP Business One hosting services to SAP partners and end users."

Leveraging NEC's SAP Business One HANA certified Nblock™ infrastructure in Iron Mountain's highly resilient and compliant data centers allows
I-BN to deliver a highly integrated technology solution with the highest levels of security and value added services. Additionally, the SAP Business One environment hosted by NEC and delivered by I-BN provides broader support for 3rd party applications and greater flexibility for and integration methods.

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