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Redefining Cruise & Train Travel

Welcome to the future of travel with NEC's facial recognition biometrics. Our innovative technology will transform how we experience travel on cruise ships and high-speed trains.

From seamless booking processes to enhanced onboard security, our solution is designed to make every aspect of your journey more convenient and secure.

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Comprehensive Journey Management with Facial Biometrics

Our system is engineered to provide an all-encompassing solution for travel management:

  • Enrollment and Authentication Process Simplification: Passengers can quickly create a digital ID with a simple facial scan, streamlining the booking process. Each digital ID can optionally be verified against government databases for optimal security.
  • Embarkation & Disembarkation: Facial recognition ensures swift and secure boarding and disembarkation, enhancing the travel experience.
  • Continuous Authentication: Our system provides ongoing verification, offering personalized services and secure access throughout the trip.
  • Crew Management: Facilitates efficient management of crew access to various areas, ensuring smooth operational flow.
NEC Travel

Digital ID - Travel

Transform how passengers and crew interact with their environment from booking to disembarkation.

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Digital ID - Overview

Harnessing advanced facial recognition technology for reliable identity authentication and authorization.


Opening Up The World With A Single Identity

Application of Biometrics and Digital ID

Application of Biometrics and Digital ID

Biometrics lets you build your base of users with confidence. Each account holder has one face, and the biometric formula derived from that face will be recognized if the user tries to open another account under a different email login name and email address.

Some states use the same technology to prevent identity fraud when evaluating new driver's licenses and social service benefits requests.

Award-winning NEC biometrics algorithms and the NEC platform are far more dependable than typical device-based systems, which can be circumvented. If a user loses their phone, re-establishing secure accounts on the new device is faster with NEC biometric verification.

How It Works

NEC's Identity Services Integrate with Your App, Where the User Sets Up Their Digital Token.

The user can use several travel apps but has only one profile for each, based on the unique Digital Token.

Authenticating the biometric Digital Token stored on each user's phone with the encryption key on the NEC Digital Platform means they are protected even if your database is breached. Hackers cannot make fraudulent transactions.

The Digital Token is stored on their phone, not your centralized server, so it cannot be stolen in a data breach.

Once a Digital Token is established via an app, the exact unique Digital Token is used for all apps enabled by NEC identity services.

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NEC’s identity services integrate with your app, where users set up digital tokens. The user can use several social media apps but has only one profile for each, based on the unique Digital Token.

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Authenticating the biometric Digital Token stored on each user's device with the encryption key on the NEC Digital Platform means they are protected even if your database is breached.

Use Case and Benefits

Passengers experience unparalleled convenience and security with our technology. From effortless room access to personalized services and secure onboard shopping, our solution enhances every aspect of their journey, ensuring comfort and safety.

Our technology revolutionizes this with ease and security.

  • Onboard Comfort: We ensure passengers have easy access to their rooms and facilities onboard, enhancing their comfort and convenience.
  • App-based Solutions: Our technology integrates with cruise line apps for a smooth, password-less experience, simplifying trip planning and service reservations.
  • Personalization at Its Best: From accessing personal photos to enjoying age-appropriate amenities, our biometrics make it all effortless.
  • Shopping Made Easy: The hassle of physical payments is eliminated, making onboard purchases seamless.
  • Safety and Security: Our continuous monitoring and data collection ensure a safe and secure environment for all passengers.

Our technology ensures the crew can perform their duties efficiently and securely:

  • Operational Efficiency: Crew members enjoy easy access to restricted areas and efficient management of their activities.
  • Health Protocols Management: Implementing health and safety protocols becomes more straightforward and effective.
  • Access Control: Our system minimizes unauthorized access and time theft, upholding operational integrity.
Why NEC Biometrics

Why Choose NEC for Your Travel Biometrics?

Reduced dependency on cards since our biometric system eliminates the need for access cards, streamlining processes and reducing waste. It also helps streamline enrollment and onboarding as our system makes these processes faster and more efficient, enhancing user experience.

NEC’s commitment to innovation in biometric technology ensures the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. Our solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of the travel industry, providing security and convenience for every journey.

NEC’s biometrics algorithms are rated #1 for speed and accuracy by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It leads the industry in verification across demographics, with the nose and mouth covered by a face mask. Liveness detection to prevent spoofing is built into the NEC digital identification Platform.

NEC maintains its standing as a pioneer and innovator in biometrics and digital identity services by continually investing in and improving its algorithm with a robust R&D budget.

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