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NEC Announces UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE - A Groundbreaking, Multi-Channel Data Retention Solution Supporting Critical Business Intelligence

NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE empowers businesses with protected, searchable, easily accessible, cross-channel communications

IRVING, TX - May 18, 2023 - NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading provider and integrator of advanced IT, communications, networking and biometric solutions, today announced UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE, its innovative data retention solution for UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT, its unified communications application. Serving as a secure, digital storehouse for critical information and communications, UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE is designed to preserve, protect and support search and retrieval across critical business communications channels, including chat, short message service (SMS), phone call recordings and voicemail. Available to NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT customers, the solution is easily integrated into business operations as it adapts to internal compliance and governance protocols as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

“The increased multi-channel communication style of business makes it absolutely critical for organizations to prioritize an innovative archival solution like UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE,” said Rod Johnson, Sr. Director of NEC Cloud Services. “From business continuity to legal and regulatory compliance, UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE excels beyond standard record keeping to secure, searchable business intelligence which is an invaluable resource for the current and future operations of any organization.”

Part of NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE UCaaS solution, UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE helps protect against the erroneous deletion of critical business information, creating a secure record with a powerful contextual search capability – quickly identifying and retrieving relevant interactions from users across different channels. In addition to current communication channel capabilities, video meetings, contact center engagements and more are projected to be added soon.

UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE has broad application across most business functions within an organization. Some examples include:

  • Compliance – Proactively retain communications and conversations in an automatically preserved, secure and tamper-proof archive. Retention options support financial services regulations and healthcare regulatory requirements, as well as internal governance. HIPAA, FINRA, MiFID II and other regulations are included.
  • Finding Critical Communications – Instructions, proposals, recommendations, agreements and contracts are all examples of important information included in and referenced by internal and external business interactions. Archiving allows organizations to keep a record of communications sent and received, which helps ensure they have a copy of messages and associated documents stored safely without requiring users or administrators to save them.
  • Continuity – Staff turnover, medical/family/military leave and organizational changes all create situations where interactions need to be preserved and searchable. Archiving automatically protects communications, simplifying the process for an administrator to manage transitions of responsibility and make information available to the right users.
  • Disputes and Best Practices – Investigate and research disputes quickly and efficiently (e.g., HR or customer disputes) to support prompt resolution. Train staff on call handling techniques and customer interactions to improve performance. Improve customer satisfaction and retention.

“Companies without an effective archiving solution leave themselves at risk of falling out of compliance with regulatory standards, as well as losing critical business information and institutional knowledge,” said Jon Arnold, Principal analyst at J Arnold & Associates. “UNIVERGE BLUE ARCHIVE is a virtual safety net for companies that are interacting across communications channels, ensuring communications can not only be retained and restored, but searchable in a way that provides true value to the business from compliance to continuity.”

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