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NEC Announces 10-Year Agreement with Western Identification Network (WIN) System

The Western U.S. Consortium for Enhanced Criminal Identification Renews its Relationship with Industry Leader in Multimodal Biometrics and Accurate Identification

IRVING, TEXAS – APRIL 10, 2023 - NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading provider and integrator of advanced IT, communications, and networking solutions today announced that its Integra-ID5™ Multimodal Biometric Identification System (MBIS) solution was renewed for acceptance from the Western Identification Network (WIN), a consortium of western U.S. states and local law enforcement agencies. The contract for the implementation of this system ensures identification and investigation accuracy, availability and reliability as a service through 2032.

The WIN network consists of a shared MBIS processing service bureau that provides the ability to search the criminal and civil biometrics records of its eight-member states, including interfaces to other neighboring states, and law enforcement agencies.

NEC and WIN are building upon a long-standing relationship that began in 1989. “Renewing our contract with NEC for another 10 years is a testament to the trust and strong relationship Western Identification Network has built with them over the years. We are confident that our partnership will only continue to grow and thrive in the future," said Ken Bischoff, CEO of WIN.

In addition to the current capabilities of the system, other services provided include:

  • Upgrading the legacy ABIS 2.0 (Integra-ID®4) to the new ABIS 3.0 (Integra-ID®5), which provides increased scalability and a secure, quick method of storing, retrieving, and managing biometric records.
  • Data migration and conversion, including deduplication of 28 million tenprint records and search of all unknown latent images. The data conversion process also included searching 52,000 unknown latent images, resulting in 2,043 latent hits, including 149 homicide cases.
  • Automating lights-out latent processing transactions achieves a 41% hit rate without operator intervention, providing opportunities for latent examiners to focus more on high-profile crimes.
  • Improved workflow efficiencies from greater search accuracies in processing reverse tenprint searches (new tenprint searching against the unsolved latent file) resulting in a 97.6% dramatic decrease in the number of verifications performed by latent print examiners.
  • Customized workflow and Computerized Criminal History (CCH) file interface for each of the eight member states, with support for hundreds of submitting livescans, supporting RESTful Interface – all within a secure framework, shared matching, archive, and MBIS disaster recovery services.
  • A shared interface to the FBI's Next Generation Identification system over the CJIS WAN that simplifies system deployment and operations as well as improves overall maintainability and supportability.
  • A new search capability for the FBI Interstate Photo System to identify more offenders and solve more crimes.
  • An integrated and improved NIST Archive repository with web-based client access that retains all registered and transactional data in standards-based FBI EBTS format. Archive supports both indexed and ad-hoc (google-like) searches for operators to readily find the archive record of interests.

NEC’s advanced biometric solutions, including face recognition and matching algorithms, are certified as a trusted leader in protecting communities and ensuring public safety. In fact, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) matching algorithm recognition benchmarks have consistently proven that NEC's biometric technologies have the fastest and most accurate face and fingerprint recognition algorithm and have the most resilient facial recognition technologies for viewing low angles, low-resolution images and poor image quality.

“At NEC, our focus has always been to provide the most accurate biometric solutions to help keep communities safe and secure. We are committed to supporting Western Identification Network in their mission and are thrilled to continue this partnership for another 10 years,” said Eugene le Roux, NEC Vice President of Digital Government.

The NEC MBIS solution is part of NEC’s Safer Cities platform, which is a smart technology approach to maximizing all facets of installed programs. NEC is providing this capability to WIN via Identity as a Service (IDaaS), thereby eliminating the need for upfront capital expenditure. The solution is entirely owned and managed by NEC and hosted in FBI CJIS-compliant data centers.

NEC’s Safer Cities concept supports the growing safety and security vision to merge the traditional law enforcement areas of biometric-based identity management and forensic investigation with video surveillance, security access control, and disaster management.

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