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NEC Unveils Latest Version of Cutting-edge NeoFace® Reveal, an Advanced Investigative and Identity Solution

IRVING, TX (USA) – March 18, 2024 - NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading provider and integrator of advanced IT, biometrics, communications, and networking solutions today announced the release of the latest version of its flagship forensic face recognition solution, NeoFace® Reveal Version 5 (Reveal 5). This innovative enterprise application is designed to revolutionize criminal investigation and fraud prevention for government agencies, law enforcement and civil applicant processing organizations.

Reveal 5 offers advanced enhancement and review tools, making it an asset for law enforcement, crime laboratories, and civil applicant processing agencies. The application allows users to identify face images, even in cases of very poor image quality, through either one-to-many (1:N) or one-to-one (1:1) searches against databases of any size.

The latest version of the Reveal face recognition matching algorithms has once again been proven as one of the fastest and most accurate face recognition solutions in the industry. Independently validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT), Reveal 5 stands out for its resilience to variants in age, race, and pose angle, providing government agencies with unparalleled confidence in their investigative capabilities.

Reveal 5 is powered by NEC's Elastic Matching (ELM) Engine, designed upon a microservice architecture for cloud deployment. This ensures high availability with inherent disaster recovery and scalability for larger databases and workloads. Additionally, ELM can be extended for future modalities such as tattoo recognition. It utilizes the Paro matcher for fast face recognition matching, driven by NEC's NIST benchmarked NeoFace algorithm. Within the Microsoft Azure Cloud, ELM dynamically scales up or down to support cost-effective operations.

"We are proud to offer Reveal 5, a groundbreaking solution that reaffirms NEC's commitment to providing cutting-edge technology for criminal investigation and fraud prevention. The unmatched accuracy and speed of Reveal 5, validated by NIST, empower law enforcement and government agencies with unparalleled confidence in their investigative capabilities, ultimately contributing to the creation of safer communities," said Eugene le Roux, Senior Vice President, NEC Advanced Recognition Systems (ARS).

Reveal’s updated features include:

New User Interface: Reveal 5 introduces a streamlined user interface for forensic examiners, criminal investigators and detectives aiming to enhance the ease and efficiency of the ACE-V method. ACE-V, the most common method of forensic examination worldwide, comprises Analysis, Comparison, Evaluation and Verification – critical steps in identifying individuals or solving criminal cases by matching facial images against databases. The updated interface features a Home Page upon login, providing users with easy access to ongoing tasks, including quality control, search verification, or initiating a workflow.

Extensive Image Enhancement Tools: The latest version of Reveal boasts a suite of image enhancement algorithms to improve matching accuracy for poor-quality images or faces captured at challenging angles. These enhancements include crop/rotate, brightness, contrast, intensity, smoothness, sharpness, histogram equalization, noise reduction, aspect ratio correction and de-interlacing.

Morphological Analysis: Detailed verification tools compliant with standards set by the Facial Identification Scientific Working Group (FISWG) ensure accurate identification, providing forensic examiners with the option to perform further comparisons and reviews after the primary verification of a search.

Evidence and Case Management: The application maintains a complete audit trail of investigations, from case entry and search submission to case review and disposition, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the investigative process.

Reveal 5 supports multiple use cases, including criminal investigations, identity verification, and fraud detection and prevention. Its adaptability is evident in its support for multiple image and video formats, large databases without sacrificing speed or accuracy, and easy-to-use web browser-based user interface.

Empowering Investigators
The platform equips investigators with tools like Quick Search for lights-out 1:N search, creating photobooks and galleries for case and image management, video face de-clustering, and more. These features enhance the speed and efficiency of investigations, crucial in the critical window of time after a crime has occurred.

"NEC's dedication to fostering safer communities is exemplified through our development of Reveal 5. With its comprehensive toolkit and user-centric design, Reveal 5 empowers users with the necessary tools for the most accurate and streamlined investigative process,” said Gary Lac, Vice President of Solutions, NEC ARS.

Download the Reveal 5 datasheet to discover advanced capabilities, including quick search, video face de-clustering, morphological analysis and more.

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