Analytics & Marketing

A Clear Picture

Gaining better customer understanding

Improving Customer Understanding

NEC's retail team goes beyond standard devices and services to improve store operations and strengthen customer loyalty with tools that provide better insight into shoppers and help to grow purchasing outcomes.

Insight Equals Increased Sales

With NEC's marketing solutions, retailers can promote and drive sales opportunities with:

Store Performance
Gain access to real-time data on inventory and sales to optimize product stock.

Customer Behavior
Understand customer flow and who buys what.

Directly Promote
Display advertisements and promotions based on customer demographic information.

Why NEC For Customer Insight

Whether analytics, biometrics or digital signage, NEC is a powerful partner in the pursuit of smart business insight. We leverage decades of experience to deliver the right tools so you can get to know your customer better.

How can NEC help you serve your customers better?

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