NEC ExpressCluster® WAN Edition

ExpressCluster® WAN Edition

Enabling fully automated remote disaster recovery

ExpressCluster WAN Edition

Holistic Disaster Recovery

ExpressCluster WAN delivers nearly instant automated application recovery from hardware, software and site failure using mirrored data even over a standard low bandwidth wide area network spanning hundreds of miles.*

*Standard WAN link being “T1“ service which provides 1.5Mbps bandwidth with latency less than 70ms between 2 sites that are 200 miles apart.

ExpressCluster WAN offers

  • Automated remote disaster recovery solution for physical and virtualized systems.
  • Continuous application monitoring and fast recovery over WAN.
  • Flexible synchronous and asynchronous data mirroring across WAN.
  • Unified disaster recovery management for multiple application systems.
  • Support for standard application, operating system, virtualization hypervisor and hardware for low total cost of ownership.
  • Easy-to-use, Web-based management console accessible from standard browsers.
  • Web-based management options streamline administration clusters and improve visibility.

ExpressCluster WAN Introduction

See how ExpressCluster WAN enables fully automated remote disaster recovery of business critical applications and data systems from hardware, software and site failures to help achieve maximum business continuity.

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