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Minimizing Critical Application Outages

Comprehensive high availability and disaster recovery software

Business Continuity Assurance

ExpressCluster® is NEC's comprehensive high availability and disaster recovery solution that has helped enterprises worldwide maintain the continuity of their critical application systems that are essential for vital business functions.

This fully automated redundancy and recovery software solution has minimized planned and unplanned system outages for more than a decade by helping organizations to recover quickly when disaster strikes.

ExpressCluster Specialized Edition Solutions

 ExpressCluster Basic Recovery

Broad Application & Platform Support

Versatile, cost-effective and easy to deploy ExpressCluster can be relied on to fulfill the need for highly available, disaster resilient application systems including industry-standard applications, operating systems and virtualization platforms such as:


Database Servers
Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle Database

Email Servers
Microsoft Exchange

Operating Systems
(Novell and Red Hat)

Virtualization Platforms
VMware vSphere
Microsoft Hyper-V

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Why IT Resiliency Matters

Download this white paper to examine IT resiliency including challenges and solutions in today's complex world where dramatic changes in virtualization technologies, cloud computing and smart mobile devices and applications have created more value as well as greater complexity for IT management.    Explore

Physical Security Redundancy Solutions

NEC fault-tolerant (FT) servers and ExpressCluster software provide a broad range of effective redundancy solutions for critical physical security applications to help ensure dependable physical security against various man-made or natural disasters.    Explore

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