NEC ExpressCluster® Basic Recovery Edition

ExpressCluster® Basic Recovery

Value optimized data mirroring and application recovery

ExpressCluster Basic Recovery

SME Solution

A full-featured yet economic high availability solutions, ExpressCluster Basic offers basic asynchonrous data mirroring and automated application recovery and rapidly recovers standalone Windows systems running file, print, and Web and FTP server applications.

Delivers basic asynchonrous data mirroring and automated application recovery suitable for small-medium enterprises.

ExpressCluster Basic Recovery offers

  • Detecting application failure at a granular level.
  • Critical applications and data can be recovered in minutes rather than days.
  • Smooth upgrade path to other NEC ExpressCluster software solutions with expanded features and functions.
  • Easy-to-use, Web-based management console.
  • Cost-effective, two-node system configuration enables organizations to mirror data asynchronously.

Additional Advantages Include

  • Easy and on-demand failover/failback helps to optimize server workload.
  • Flexible active/active server configuration eliminates the need for dedicated standby servers.
  • FastSync resynchronization of only changed data.
  • Data mirroring for internal and external storage devices from multiple vendors.
  • Mirrors data asynchronously to recover data quickly over a LAN or WAN.


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