NEC ExpressCluster® for Microsoft® Exchange Server

ExpressCluster® for Microsoft® Exchange Server

Cost-effective email protection against failures

ExpressCluster for Microsoft® Exchange Server

Eliminating Single Points of Failure

NEC's ExpressCluster family of software consists of integrated high availability and disaster recovery solutions that protect applications and data from mail server disruptions running on a Windows platform.

Rely on ExpressCluster to eliminate single points of failure in the Microsoft Exchange environment by configuring multiple primary Microsoft Exchange Servers to work with one or more standby servers.

ExpressCluster for Microsoft Exchange Server offers

  • Single points of failure eliminated with multiple primary Microsoft Exchange Servers configured to work with one or more standby servers.
  • Application replication and data recovery to the remote Exchange Server over a WAN link protect data and applications against any storage and full-site outage.
  • Eliminates the need for more costly Enterprise Editions of applications or operating systems.
  • Single solution for protecting Microsoft Exchange email availability.
  • Eliminates risk of storage-caused outages, server failures and site-wide disruptions.

Additional Advantages Include

  • Reconnection from client systems without any manual reconfiguration.
  • Enabled through virtual server identity feature.
  • Automatic failover/failback between primary and stand-by servers LAN environment with shared storage, such as a data center environment.
  • Does not require Directory or Witness servers, or an upgrade to the Enterprise Edition of Microsoft Exchange Server.

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