NEC ExpressCluster® for Microsoft® Hyper-V®

ExpressCluster® for Microsoft® Hyper-V®

Fully automated VM protection and recovery

ExpressCluster for Microsoft® Hyper-V

Hardware & Software Recovery

ExpressCluster enables simple high availability solution to be deployed on Hyper-V host servers within the same location to provide automated recovery of protected virtual machines from hardware and software failures.

ExpressCluster for Microsoft Hyper-V offers

  • Synchronous mirroring of virtual machine disk images from primary host server to standby host server for maximum virtual machine data protection with little or no loss.
  • Continuous monitoring of virtual machine and host server resources for failures and fully automated recovery of protected virtual machines to standby host server within minutes.
  • Integrates with Hyper-V non-disruptive virtual machine migration features to eliminate planned downtime for Hyper-V host server maintenance even without shared storage.
  • No Active Directory® or shared storage infrastructure required enables cost effective solutions for Hyper-V host servers in branch and remote locations.

Using NEC ExpressCluster with Hyper-V

See how ExpressCluster LAN Edition works in support of Hyper-V virtual machine high availability.

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