NEC ExpressCluster® for Microsoft® SQL Server

ExpressCluster® for Microsoft® SQL Server

Simple fast Microsoft SQL Server recovery

ExpressCluster for Microsoft® SQL Server

Mitigating Downtime

NEC's ExpressCluster for Microsoft SQL Server solution enables organizations to synchronously mirror all of its SQL data in real-time for complete recovery for all target application data.

The greatest advantage of our ExpressCluster solution is what it does not require. There is no requirement for Active Directory or Witness servers, or SAN storage systems

ExpressCluster for Microsoft SQL Server offers

  • Proactive, comprehensive monitoring of overall application system health entire Microsoft SQL server environment is protected.
  • Synchronous data mirroring for zero loss of application data after recovery.
  • High availability and disaster recovery support in WAN, LAN and SAN deployments.
  • Manual or automatic failover/failback.
  • Fast, automatic synchronization between primary and standby servers.

Additional Advantages Include

  • No additional hardware investment needed as no requirement for Active Directory or Witness servers, or external shared storage systems.
  • Strengthened ability to comply with data retention and availability regulatory requirements.
  • Central integrated management console to monitor system performance and application components and services.
  • Compatible so protects all major versions of Microsoft SQL Server, including Standard and Enterprise versions.
  • No specialized expertise or extensive professional services to use.
  • Quick recovery on standby server with no manual intervention.

The Practical HA/DR Solution for SQL Server Standard Edition

Microsoft recommends SQL Server AlwaysOn as the optimal SQL Server HA/DR solution. Unfortunately, SQL Server AlwaysOn requires the more costly Enterprise Edition of SQL Server.

NEC's ExpressCluster solution delivers a high performance HA/DR solution that works with the more affordable Standard Edition of SQL Server. Avoid the expense and complexity of upgrading to SQL Server Enterprise Edition with NEC's fully automated near-instant recovery of SQL Server applications and data from hardware, software, network and site failures. Minimal infrastructure investments and no DBA skills are required to implement and operate the ExpressCluster solution.

No-Click SQL Server & Application Disaster Recover

This webinar will explain modern disaster recovery best practices and solutions for fully automated recovery of SQL Server databases and applications featuring:

  • No-click recovery across WAN or LAN
  • Support for virtual and physical systems
  • Flexible on-premise or cloud deployment

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