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Valued Commodity

When handled correctly data can be an invaluable asset, providing reliable intelligence and insight into potential growth and business opportunities. Balancing accessibility with security is the ultimate challenge - especially due to the financial and reputational damage that could happen should a detrimental incidence occur. Yet equally as challenging is understanding and overcoming the barriers that prevent data readiness and how best to bridge and centralize data stores.

Valued Commodity
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NEC has the tools, technologies and expertise to upgrade, standardize and protect company data. Taking into consideration infrastructure, business objectives, process gaps and end users, our experts can recommend, implement, maintain and even secure proprietary information. Data becomes easy to access, scrutinize and share while complexity and legacy limitations get replaced and security strengthened without burdening existing resources.

Solutions That Simplify



Solutions and services that reliably collect and direct meaningful intelligence where, when and how it is most needed with actual and scenario-based modeling, dash-boarding visualization and self-serve reporting.


Data Cloud Migration

Services include cloud readiness and data maturity assessments, business case creation, total cost of ownership and return on investment analysis, technology architecture valuations, tools and platforms recommendations, evaluations of existing applications based on a 6R framework as well as data and cloud transformation roadmaps.


Data Networking

Solutions that simplify datacenters, communications and provide cloud-based network administration to continually support reliable, flexible and scalable network architecture that is easy to deploy, control, monitor and manage.


HyperConverged Infrastructure

Ideal for small-to-midsize organizations and remote or branch offices that must support mission critical applications by providing a single turnkey solution that combines server, storage, networking and virtualization technology in one easy-to-manage solution with the choice from 3 pre-configured modifiable nodes.


Smart Warehousing

NEC's end-to-end integrated warehouse management system - Manage-I® - works to bring efficiency and control across warehouse operations with improvements to inbound receiving, inventory management and outbound logistics.


Vector Engine Processor

Three design concepts permit the processing of large arrays of data for high-intensity processing for peak and sustained performance and outstanding memory bandwidth.

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