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Creating growth and modernization opportunities

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Greater Efficiencies

Through increased automation and better data mining, time, complexity and cost reductions can become easier to identify and simpler to manage. With greater insight and better work processes comes the possibility to become increasingly productive and competitive. Being able to more easily pivot creates opportunities, including scaling more acutely to meet business and market demands.

Greater Efficiencies
Bolder Control

Bolder Control

As a global manufacturer since 1899 NEC understands the industry firsthand and the factors that can help determine short and long-term success. Our solutions go beyond aligning operations to important business initiative. We are equally focused on delivering new operating models, solutions and services that provide growth and modernization opportunities.

Solutions That Support


Access Control

An automated access management service with customizable branding and support functions that guide employees and visitors intuitively through a facility's check-in/check-out process.


AI Efficiencies

Levering the power of AI to improve defect detection and preemptively improve machine maintenance to drive output and production uptime.


Business Intelligence

Ready access to real-world insight for making meaningful decisions and changes based on tangible findings that are easier to analyze, compile and share.


Cloud Migration

Design, manage and streamline processes across the enterprise with a choice of cloud-based and cloud on-premises services and solutions that improve communications, user experiences, data protection and workspace management.


Integrated Collaboration

Fully integrated cloud-based unified communications that combines phone, chat, video, screen sharing, file management and conference calling into a single seamless experience along with on-premises options that deliver the responsiveness and cooperation needed for today's increasingly connected workforce.


Space Management

An integrated physical workplace app that centralizes and automates on-premises seat assignment, conference room reservations, park spaces and includes proximity tracing, wayfinding, asset tracking and environmental monitoring and management.

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