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Protective Measures

Preventing if not minimalizing incidences that make organizations susceptible to risks is a daunting task. It is as much about being proactive as it is being reactive. Having the strategies, control and insight that ensure timely and appropriate responses is imperative to stop, limit or recover from a threat especially as they increase in frequency and sophistication.

Protective Measures
Greater Oversight

Greater Oversight

NEC works to improve the quality, timeliness and availability of situational information to make security more effective. Not only are we a pioneer in highly accurate identification matching technologies and our recognition algorithms have proven repeatedly to be the fastest and most accurate, our expertise in communications, touch-free experiences and recovery protocols are helping organizations to actively manage a range of situations where security is essential.

Solutions That Protect


Access Control

An intuitive, fully automated and private access management service with customizable branding and functions that guide employees and visitors through a facility's check-in/check-out process.


Biometric Authentication

Highly accurate identity management solutions that support safe, secure and seamless experiences and processes within the public and private sectors using award-winning and recognized facial recognition technology and algorithms.


E911 Compliance

Open access to a network of dynamic emergency service providers that uses M2M and AI algorithms to automatically route calls in support of emergency situations that demand urgent E911 assistance.


Emergency Notification

Push notification software that gets the word out broadly and in varied ways to keep people updated and vigilant and should an event prove to be a false alarm broadcast a cancellation or an all clear.


Software Recovery

Software for critical physical security applications to guard against threats such as hardware, software and site-level infrastructure failures.

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