Smart Retail

Smart Retail Solutions

Growing in-store business depends on seamlessly meeting customer expectations

Smart Retail Solutions

Enriching the Customer Experience

NEC's smart retail solutions work to build a better understanding of customers through seamless and responsive in-store experiences that simultaneously create deeper customer loyalty and better business results faster.

Real-World Results

"Where we execute our strategy of retailer initiative, the stores that do it the best that are utilizing the infrastructure that we developed, utilizing the IT platforms that NEC has helped us develop, those stores are performing 43% better than the stores not using the system."

Joseph M. DePinto, President & CEO
7-Eleven, Inc.*

NEC is honored to be a premier retail partner with 7-Eleven
*Source: NEC Corporation 7-Eleven Case Study Video

Leveraging Technology-Based Safety Initiatives to Thrive in the Next Normal

The global pandemic has transformed shopper behavior and retailer operations.
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Transforming Experiences Worldwide

Our smart point-of-sale (POS) and mobile retail solutions are designed to boost in-store performance, reduce operating costs and enable quick and efficient services for both single and multi-location operations.

We are working to enhance customer experiences globally at retail venues such as:

Department Stores

Convenience Stores

Specialty Stores

Amusement Parks


Cinema Complexes


A Deeper Dive

With NEC's free and informative briefs, key trends within the retail sector are examined and explained to provide meaningful understanding on how to move forward without missing important opportunities.

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