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NEC SQL Server 2014

NEC SQL Server 2014

New Data Warehouse Reference Architecture for SQL Server 2014

Data Warehouse Fast Track Reference Architecture, built on NEC Express5800 Scalable Enterprise Server, helps boost the performance of enterprise systems and large-scale BI solutions.


In addition to the need for high reliability and availability, enterprise mission-critical applications and data analysis platforms demand powerful data processing capabilities and stability. The Data Warehouse Fast Track Reference Architecture built on an NEC Express5800 Scalable Enterprise Server is best-practice reference architecture for such demanding workloads. It comprises of Express5800 Scalable Enterprise Server Series with Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family CPUs, high-performance PCIe server-mounted flash storage, and Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014.


The Data Warehouse Fast Track Reference Architecture is an all-in-one reference architecture with built-in storage. The high-performance server-mounted PCIe flash storage eliminates the need for external storage and provides a high-speed architecture housed entirely in a single chassis. This enables easier operation and faster time-to-value.


Powerful, Reliable Servers for Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Working closely with Microsoft®, NEC has engineered its Express5800 Series servers to deliver the highest performance and availability required to run mission critical database workloads and large analytic applications on SQL Server 2014.


Solution at a Glance


  • Support for SQL In-Memory Databases with up to 4TB memory and advanced memory resiliency
  • Outstanding support for running SQL Server on Hyper-V
  • NEC's award winning SDN technology
  • New standard for high availability and performance at a competitive TCO 
  • Built-in support for complex data types, greater interoperability with varied platforms, and common IT and development tools 
  • NEC scalable enterprise servers provide configuration flexibility, capacity, reliability and performance
  • NEC fault tolerant servers with lockstep processing and redundant components ensure continuous uptime
  • Unprecedented levels of virtualized availability and simplicity 
  • Stable platforms for enterprise environments

NEC SQL Server 2014


Fault Tolerant Servers Express5800/300 Series Servers

Up to 99.999% uptime, which provides high availability for critical applications

Technology from the industry leader in Intel-based, fault tolerant servers


Scalable Enterprise Servers Express5800/A2000 Series Servers

Performance driven by the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v2 (Bridge-EX)

Superior design that works in the most demanding database environments and meets the most demanding virtualization and line-of-business processing requirements


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