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With threats on the rise and criminals growing more sophisticated by the day, citizens trust law enforcement agencies to stay one step ahead.
The key to keeping communities safe? Accuracy, reliability and speed.

For nearly 50 years, NEC's award- winning biometric solutions have helped federal, state and local agencies globally solve crime and save lives. Our solutions provide the technology-based partnerships required for accurate real-time and post-event investigations - providing new ways to predict threats, process crime scenes, capture field data and more. How can our biometric capabilities work for you?
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Our experienced team will walk you through the training and integration you need to make the most of our solutions and to leverage your investment. This hands-on approach continues to earn praise from industry leaders. See how our law enforcement solutions can work for you.


NeoScan® 45
Ease of use, highly adaptive and mobile fingerprint acquisition capture device.

Sleek, scalable, secure and easy to manage fingerprint, palm print, facial and iris livescan kiosk.

Single or multiple fingerprint imaging verification and identification system.

IDCheck Plus™
Fingerprint identification software capable of remotely transmitting, querying and searching biometric databases.

Commercial-off-the-shelf solution for ready access to identification management modalities.

Integra-ID® Archive
Comprehensive and scalable data repository solution for the storage of documents.

An integrated multimodal matching services for fingerprint, palmprint, face and iris.

An integrated multimodal matching solution for fingerprint and face recognition.

Facial Recognition

Suite of the fastest, most accurate facial recognition solutions available.


NeoFace® Express
A rapid access platform for quick identity verification and authentication.

NeoFace® Reveal
Reliable face recognition by capturing, enhancing, organizing and matching video and graphic images to specific individuals.

NeoFace® Smart ID
A mobile application that enables the collection of fingerprint, face, voice and demographic data.

Global Solutions With A Local Focus

Accurate intelligence comes first and is key to staying ahead of criminals and new crime trends , regardless of your agency's size or location.
NEC's predictive systems can transform the efficiency of your team. Our systems help you protect the public.

NIST Validated

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) matching algorithm recognition benchmarks have consistently proven that NEC's biometric technologies have the fastest and most accurate face and fingerprint recognition algorithm and have the most resilient facial recognition technologies to viewing low angles, low resolution images and poor image quality.
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Flexible Financing Options

With NEC Financial Services' full portfolio of services and leasing offerings, your complete technology environment from hardware to software and everything in between can easily be financed. We will work with you individually to customize a package with low monthly payments to fit your unique requirements.
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