Smart Hospitality

Transform Your Guest Experience


The Smart Solutions Suite for Hospitality Excellence

NEC’s Smart Hospitality solutions are designed to be as exceptional as the hospitality businesses that use them, providing seamless communications and exceptional service every step of the way.

NEC allows hotels to deliver fast, impressive services that make it THE ULTIMATE HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS SUITE for simplifying your business and elevating Guest Experience.

Communications | Mobility | Contact Center | Guest Self Check-In/Out | Video Camera Monitoring | Space Management | Access Solutions | Plus More…

Higher levels in customer service by allowing staff members to work smarter with personal and connected experiences that promote memorable guest visits.
Intuitive tech-savvy environments that permit guests to streamline and customize their stay through greater self-management.
Heightened safety with more frictionless and touchless services that non-intrusively cater to guests but also open and promote potential revenue opportunities.

Tailored Solutions Specific To Hospitality

Working with NEC provides direct access to the solutions, services and flexible hosting models that create efficient and responsive environments built on scalability, capability and affordability.

Our hospitality team has the expertise, tools, services and technologies to deliver:

Easier and broader access to pertinent information enables attentive service that cultivates guest satisfaction.

Streamlined and coordinated messaging permits smarter and more proficient support of high-end guest care.

Pre-configured service-oriented infrastructure promotes business continuity to strengthen brand reputation.

Adaptive functionality elevates operational efficiencies for increased propriety oversight and better guest handling.

Why NEC For Hospitality?

As a global technology leader for over 120 years, we have proven our ability to anticipate and meet customer needs, to demonstrate technical excellence, align our solutions with strategic objectives and deliver results that are simpler, safer and better.


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