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Across all major geographic regions NEC is one of the key suppliers of choice to the Hospitality industry.

By merging leading IT and communications network technologies, NEC deploys results with the scalability, capability and affordability to meet the demanding and changing business needs of hotels, event centers, cruise lines and travel organizations.

Responsive Tactics

NEC's IT and communications solutions help the hospitality industry to control costs, improve staff efficiency and create an environment that makes guests want to return.

We address the needs of hospitality organizations with tailored solutions specific to brand and desired atmosphere.

Operator & Guest Reservations

With NEC's state-of-the-art operator and guest reservation solutions callers experience prompt and courteous attention. Our offerings ensure the maximum level of personalized interaction by helping to:

Tailor responses
Call queues trigger caller intelligence to ensure fast and well-informed guest and call handling.

Increase satisfaction
With any authorized employee able to step in and act as an operator peak-time bottlenecks are replaced with timely assistance.

Centralized handling
Single point of contact for incoming calls promotes faster response time for a favorable brand impression.

Staffing Efficiencies
Skill-based routing permits calls to be delivered to staff members with the best matched skills for expert handling.

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Guest Security

Ensuring the safety of visitors is an essential component in delivering a superior guest experience. Making sure that a traveler feels secure throughout the duration of their stay not only protects guest loyalty and a brand's reputation but also helps build repeat bookings and even organic referrals.

Non-invasive Safeguards
High-tech identification matching technology provides security through greater situational awareness without obstructing or impeding area activity or becoming overtly obvious.

Expanded Protection
Monitoring technology makes it easier to secure and manage high traffic areas but also those areas that are out of the way and less trafficked.

Improved Responses
Emergency notification systems help to elevate response time by quickly notifying assigned personnel and local authorities if or when an incident occurs.

VIP Treatment
Visitor management software can help strengthen customer loyalty through its ability to help front desk associates greet repeat and frequently travelers by name and deliver tailored services based on known guest preferences.

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PMS Connectivity

With NEC's InHotel property management system, essential information related to effectively running a hotel become easier to access and use so staff members can work smarter and customers can experience a memorable stay by helping to:

Improve responsiveness
Real-time reservation views and quick-find filters allow bookings, chargeable expenses and guest information to be retrieved quickly.

Broaden reach
Browser-based availability using either Chrome or FireFox ensures convenient and around-the-clock accessibility.

Increase access
Able to be simultaneously used by staff and at facilities across the property guards against system inaccessibility.

Boost insight
Customized controls ensure calls are restricted as needed and invoiced appropriately where and when required.

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Staff Mobility

With NEC's mobile solutions, such as the UNIVERGE® MC550, staff members are easier to reach and tasks simple to prioritize and accomplish. Our mobile offerings also support access to essential apps and information to help to:

Boost availability
By enabling anywhere anytime access employees stay connected and productive even when on the move.

Simplify priorities
Guest requests and on-site amenities become easier and more straightforward to manage with immediate access to pertinent resources and information.

Advance corroboration
Expanded connectivity encourages a workforce to collaborate, conference and communication more frequently for improved coordination.

Promote results
Access to intuitive functions such as contact searches, contact information and call logs maximizes productivity and drive results among workforce members who are always in motion.

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Voicemail & Wakeup

With NEC's hospitality messaging solutions, such as the UNIVERGE® UM4730/UM8000, guests have access to systems that can be personalized to their preference. Setup is intuitive with responses to simple yes or no questions that help to:

Customize greetings
Multilingual prompts let guests pick a preferred language that callers will hear when leaving a message.

Self manage
Phone-based services such as wake-up calls can be set, changed and confirmed at will by the guests themselves without staff assistance.

Answer inquiries
Guest information lines automatically answer routine questions without delay 24 hours a day 362 days a year for fail-proof access to relevant information.

Go direct
Removing the need for incoming callers to go through operators, potential bottlenecks are avoided with callers able to reach guests directly.

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IT & Communications Infrastructure

With NEC's communications infrastructure solutions, such as UNIVERGE 3C™ for Hospitality, ease of use and robust functionality increases staff efficiency and strengthen brand reputation. The resulting systems ensure superior guest care by helping to:

Simplify operations
Innovative and advance features come together in a single integrated economical solution based on one standardized Windows® server.

Foster continuance
Pre-configured service-oriented architecture provides simple installation and compatibility with existing property management systems and third-party equipment.

Easier oversight
An easy-to-use graphic user interface makes management, maintenance and continuity of infrastructure intuitive.

Flexible compatibility
Compliance with industry standards and use of non-proprietary open architecture permit compatibility with off-the-shelf components and applications.

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Alarming & Mobility

NEC's emergency communications solutions help to keep guests and personnel safe and secure should an emergency occur. Device, email and text-based messaging promote rapid widespread notification and reaction by helping to:

Continuously check
Proactive monitoring for emergency calls speed on-site staff notification and responder responsiveness.

Pinpoint location
The ability to detect the position of a caller even if using an IP phone clearly locates site of emergency to quicken transit time.

Group messaging
Voice and text notifications can be distributed to select individuals based on responsibilities or actions needing to be taken.

Cancel responsers
Real-time monitoring enables quick assessment of a situation and the stopping of 911 responders in cases of false alarm.

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BYOD for Guests

NEC's hospitality infrastructure fills the disconnect between on-site and portions of a guest's experience through the use of personal devices during the length of a stay. Bridging this communications gap helps to:

Strengthen reputation
Enabling guest access to property-related amenities and information through personal devices conveys service commitment to harden brand perception and satisfaction.

Ensure connectivity
Making a guest's device their primary extension during their stay ensures calls are received anywhere on the property as long as there is a cellular signal.

Drive revenue
Allowing on-site information to be accessed through a guest's personal device ensures amenities such as room service and dinner reservations don't become missed revenue opportunities.

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Virtualization & Hosted Delivery

With NEC's cloud-based communications services, a range of comprehensive virtualization and consolidation solutions become possible while bringing cost efficiency and agility to hospitality IT infrastructure. This flexible deployment method helps to:

Lower costs
Maintenance and upgrades become a thing of the past while pay-to-grow planning aligns services and solutions to actual need.

Ongoing relevance
Fast provisioning of applications, features and services provide a level of agility in support of top tier guest experiences.

Unparalleled infrastructure
A robust suite of cloud solutions provides high available and cost efficient alternatives in scale and scope to meet rapidly evolving guest and property requirements.

Ongoing continuity
The highest level of security and performance becomes possible with award-winning technologies that offer redundancy and recovery protections and issue resolution.

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Wi-Fi delivers more than a superior guest experience. It also introduces a new level of attentiveness and oversight by helping to:

Track assets
Items such as meeting room equipment or handheld devices can be monitored through Wi-Fi applications to help reduce the possibility of loss.

Go sustainable
Replacing printed brochures, menus and pamphlets with tablets make for convenient viewing and cost effective updating while data collected permit analysis of guest behavior and preferences.

Customize environments
Customer loyalty can be further strengthened with tailored services arranged pre-arrival based on known or collected guest preferences.

Improve mobility
Using quick response codes on mobile devices enhance and make guest and employee access simple to manage.


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