Software-Defined Networking

Greater Network Agility

Automate and simplify network administration to greater performance

Greater Network Agility

Network Simplified

NEC's Network Operation Engine (NOE) simplifies day-to-day automated and virtualized networking management by delivering a secure, flexible and centrally configurable network made possible through an easy-to-use management interface and drag-and-drop configuration. The complementary QX enterprise-grade SDN-enabled Gigabit PoE/non-PoE Switches support traditional switch functions and also software defined networking (SDN).
  • NEC’s QX series Ethernet switches are enterprise grade, gigabit and 10 gigabit Ethernet switches with PoE+ capability (able to remotely supply power to endpoints like IP phones or Access Points).
    • Proven field quality
    • Support both traditional switch functions and advanced SDN features
  • NEC’s SDN Controller (Network Operation Engine=NOE) can optionally be used to provide improved security, ease of configuration and central management of the network.
    • Virtualization: Divides one physical Ethernet network in multiple separate Virtual Networks; this eliminates the need for costly multiple physical networks.
    • Visualization: Centralized, intuitive management
    • Automation: Easy network configuration and management based on simple, abstract rules
  • The NOE + QX solution is competitively priced. The solution also distinguishes itself in superior network virtualization capabilities, ease of use and ease of setup (using batch configuration).

Examples of NEC Solutions

On Demand Campus Network
SDN Enabled Unified Communications

A Recognized SDN Leader

"It takes a company like NEC, with the courage and commitment to introduce enterprise-class products, to give SDN a chance to prove itself in the very difficult and challenging enterprise IT environment."

Steven Hill
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