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Express5800 Enterprise Servers

Express5800 Enterprise Servers

All of the powerhouse performance needed for mission critical systems and processing Big Data.

Express5800/A2000 Series of enterprise servers for Windows® and Linux® operating systems delivers high performance, scalability and availability for Big Data workloads and sophisticated social infrastructure.  Powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, NEC’s Express5800 servers consistently achieve top rankings in the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) performance benchmarks.


Enhanced memory sparing and memory mirroring features enable efficient use of memory space, while providing reliable and stable system operations. Capacity on-demand functions ensure efficient use of CPU resources and scalability allowing CPU cores to be added online without suspending the system.


Principled Technologies Hands-On Testing: Watch Now Large-Scale Server Database Consolidation

The Express5800/A2000 Series servers offer advanced failure analysis with DNA inherited from NEC’s mainframe technologies. Extensive hardware redundancy and system monitoring minimize the risk of a single point of failure. Open and affordable, NEC Express5800 enterprise servers present a smaller footprint and better operational efficiency, helping to reduce server sprawl.


Express5800 Enterprise Servers


Express5800/A2000 Server
Powerhouse for Big Data processing, large-scale virtualization,
in-memory databases, and transaction-intensive workloads.


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