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Enabling Smart Networking Infrastructure

With over 65 continuous years as a supplier of microwave communications equipment, NEC is one of the longest running suppliers of communications equipment without a change in ownership.

Our leading-edge technologies and expert support and services have been contributing to and improving communications networks by meeting the demand for smart, high capacity, feature-rich, secure, end-to-end networking infrastructure.

Realizing Today's Communications Systems

With NEC's communications networking infrastructure, carriers, service providers and enterprises alike can better sustain network coverage, quality and capacity to improve support for the proliferation of devices and practices that rely on continuously available performance.

We set the standard in future proofing networking infrastructure and performance with:



Our management and engineering team has on average over a decade of real-world transport network expertise.


Our equipment is field proven with the longest mean time between failures in the industry.


Our support is prompt, personalized and easily accessible.


Our U.S.-based testing and support delivers more control and better coordination.


Our global supply chain endeavors to provide fast results cost effectively.

Proven Results

Our transport network equipment is founded on nearly 7 decades of judicious research and development, manufacturing and real-world deployments. This allows us to meet the ever-changing demands for higher capacity, feature-rich, more secure and end-to-end network management.

You can depend on NEC for viable options and expert service whether supporting transport facilities or enhanced services via network infrastructure.


An ultra-compact communications system that adopts E-band range (71-86GHz frequency) millimeter radio waves to achieve low latency and high transmission capacity of 10Gbps within a single band.

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The most advanced converged optical/wireless transport platform on the market, boasting 12-way nodal capabilities, with support for 4096QAM, 80MHz channel bandwidth and any-to-any cross connect of 1GbE, 10GbE, and CWDM traffic interfaces.

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Why NEC For Enhanced Network Performance?


Seamless turnkey solutions customized to exact needs.


Higher initial quality, longer term reliability and modular capacity.


Personalized and accessible engineering, training and support.


Longevity of equipment for low total cost of ownership.


Commitment to a lifetime relationship.

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