High Availability Unified Communications

High Availability
Unified Communications

Reliable accessibility for today's dynamic work environment

When - Where - How

High availability unified communications and collaboration (HAUC) solutions provide the needed responsiveness required in today's progressively tech reliant and increasingly mobile work environment.

Services hosted within the cloud promote productivity without the need of supplemental resources and associated costs especially if scaled based on demand. When managed in-house, HAUC solutions backed by redundant and high availability software and storage work to preserve the connected work environment by ensuring against lengthy downtime.

Widespread Industry Applications

Our HAUC solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of companies and industries where mission-critical functionality is essential.
Such potential uses can include:

Nurse call and clinical workflow application.

Emergency call and citizen engagement applications.

Faculty and staff collaboration and mass alert notifications.

Guest service and operator and agent applications.

All Other Industries
Security and video surveillance applications.

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