Physical Security Redundancy Solutions

Physical Security Redundancy Solutions

Enabling Always-On Security Infrastructure

Threat Landscape

Proliferation of incidents such as terrorism or active-shooter hostilities demonstrate the clear need for more vigilant physical security systems that help to minimize the potential loss of lives and critical assets.

Modern physical security systems rely heavily on intelligent server applications for critical physical security functions such as access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, real-time monitoring and global alerts communication. These critical functions can be disabled by hardware, software, network and site failures due to natural and man-made causes.

Redundancy Software

ExpressCluster Software
Award-winning software solutions that fulfill high availability, disaster recovery and business continuity needs. Recovers quickly should disaster strike for continuous protection of business-critical applications and data.
ExpressCluster WAN / ExpressCluster LAN
White Paper
Assessing 'Always On' Requirements for Physical Access Control Systems
ExpressCluster for Physical Security Applications

Our Reliable Infrastructure

Dependable Availability
Designed to be as fault resilient as possible with up to 99.999% uptime, NEC's fault tolerant servers provide continuous availability through hardware redundancy in all components, including CPU, memory, motherboards, I/O, hard disk drives and cooling fans.

Swift Recovery
Fully automated recovery from a variety of potential failures is easy with NEC's award-winning software solution ExpressCluster that enables fast local or remote recovery within minutes for critical physical security applications.

Cost Efficient
Often costing far less than competing solutions, NEC's fault-tolerant and ExpressCluster based redundancy solutions deliver cost efficiency through minimized requirements for supporting infrastructure and support for common low cost IT platforms.

Are You Disaster Ready?

This informative Security InfoWatch on-demand webinar sponsored by NEC examines key vulnerabilities that can impact an organization's security and the key factors in identifying and assessing potential risks.

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