UNIVERGE® SV9100 Netlink

UNIVERGE® SV9100 Netlink

Effective communications through centralized programming and management

UNIVERGE® SV9100 Netlink

Synchronized Reliability

With UNIVERGE SV9100 Netlink, operating and maintaining one communications server instead of two or more results in lower costs and higher operational efficiency. A centralized server also keeps employees connected to the same applications and standardize operational features.

Should the primary system fail, secondary systems are enabled providing basic call processing and ensuring business continuity through the duration of a failure.

Organizational Deliverables

Eliminates duplication with a single centralized operator, voicemail system and database.

Provides survivability for an organization in case of network failure.

Improves efficiency with centralized programming and maintenance.

Utilizes transparent applications and features with time zone flexibility across the entire network.

Proven Functionality

Reduce Costs Through Centralization
Netlink uses an existing IP network to provide a seamless connection and join up to 50 locations or 50 nodes together as if they were a single system. Netlink doesn't limit feature use. Features residing on a primary system can be extended to secondary system locations with no incremental cost. This capability cuts the number of licenses required to keep an organization running.

Protection With Complete Failover Capability
Netlink offers complete failover capability to ensure an organization can run smoothly even if a primary system goes offline. If a primary system is disconnected from the network, failover engages and a secondary system takes over the primary system's database. That way, all linked locations continue to function seamlessly.


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