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Keeping your organization up and running without carrier downtime and outages

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End The Annoyance

Stop being constrained by a single carrier or frustrated by the complexity of multiple carrier contracts and services domestically as well as globally.


You work with just one provider - us - for your carrier service and support as NEC consolidates over 375+ U.S. and global carriers into a single consumable provider-neutral service.

We offer:

  • M2M and AI algorithm-based call routing
  • Simplified cloud-based management
  • Greater control and visibility over your entire telecom environment
  • An inituitive pane of glass management interface
  • Adoption without interfering or disrupting existing day-to-day operations
  • Little if any upfront cost
  • Wholesale pricing with no hidden costs
  • Usage charges accurate to the second
  • Consolidated billing with one simple monthly invoice
  • Visibility down to each individual call
  • Improved connectivity and accessibility
  • Additional support services

Additional NETWORK CONNECT Services Include:

              MS Teams

For MS Teams

NETWORK CONNECT For MS Teams is a certified session border controller for direct routing integration that delivers greater flexibility, dependability and cost savings with:

  • Flexible deployment plans
  • All the features of Operator Connect
  • Redundant eSBC for Direct Routing
  • Real-time failover for continuous PSTN connectivity
  • Geo redundancy through geographic diversity
  • Single pane of glass visibility and control
  • Lowest per user per month pricing
  • Dynamic E911 emergency location services
  • Simplified and multi-location bill consolidation
  • Optional integration with existing UC platform/PBX with Dual-Forking
  • Microsoft certification
  • Unmatched carrier diversity
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Global Orchestration

Global Resiliency

NETWORK CONNECT Global Orchestration solves the complexities of complicated and costly global communications for multi-national organizations with:

  • Global network of hosted Session Border Controllers (eSBC's)
  • International and multi-national connectivity
  • Reduced global complexity
  • Dramatic cost savings
  • The end of call latency
  • One contract and a single support contact
  • A single U.S.-based support team
  • Visibility and control over every call regardless of where in the world
  • Optimal call quality
  • Simple call paths
  • Better telecommunications on a global scale
  • Improved call center connectivity
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SIP Services & E911

Dynamic Protection

NETWORK CONNECT Toll-Free Dynamic Protect is a disaster recovery plan that provides unmatched reliability and resilience for 1-800 numbers and call centers with:

  • Automatic failover of incoming calls
  • Built-in out-dial failover
  • Instant recovery during outages and network issues
  • Flexible multi-faceted carrier networks
  • Improved 1-800 and contact center connectivity
  • Five nines of reliability for unmatched dependability
  • Protection against poor service quality
  • Uninterrupted access to people, resources and support
  • An alternative to a single carrier dependancy
  • The end of multi-carrier complexity
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Business Continuance

SIP Services & E911

NETWORK CONNECT E911 and SIP Services takes the uncertainty out of being able to handle emergency E911 calls and compliance with regulatory laws with:

  • Intelligent SIP carrier call routing
  • E911 compliance in the routing of emergency calls
  • Open access to a network of dynamic emergency service providers
  • Kari's Law and RAY BAUM's Act compliant
  • Built-in automatic failover and rerouting capability
  • Unmatched reliability and control
  • Global presence and unmatched carrier diversity
  • Improved centralized carrier billing
  • Substantial cost savings
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With our team of experts, you'll enjoy the benefits of significant cost savings and improved service across your entire telecom environment plus:

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