Smart City

Smart City

Making safer and more progressive
communities possible

Social Transformation

With over half of the world's population now residing in urban areas and that percentage even higher in the United States, advancing the quality of life for these individuals is contingent upon improving the daily operations and coordination of city services.

For this to occur municipalities must harness advanced technologies to gain a clear understanding of how to best serve their population and make urban living increasingly more hospitable and secure.

The Role Of Technology

Efficiency of operations, growth in economics and environmental sustainability all must become attainable if a municipality is to successfully reinvent itself. Only when existing infrastructure become interoperable and information is exchanged seamlessly can an urban environment become transformed.

For those that embrace the efficiencies and insight that advanced technologies can deliver these Smart City advocates gain the ability to react quickly with vital solutions to the changing conditions and pressures of their urban sociality.

Our Leadership Approach

As a global technology leader for over 120 years, we are able to guide city officials and help them prioritize a roadmap of recommendations, solutions and services that delivery the most efficient approach in becoming a Smart City.

We work to meet the market needs for dependable Smart City archetypes that improve the safety of people, venues and infrastructure such as:

Alleviating vehicular

Easing pedestrian

Identifying potential

Enabling conscious
urban planning

Realize The Future With Us

NEC is dedicated to recognizing opportunities such as Smart City solutions and transform them into proven solutions and services capable of advancing human potential and delivering social change for the better.

Our technology, expertise and support empowers change on a social, governmental, enterprise and personal level by helping to:

Promote Advancement
High levels of consolidation between communication and IT infrastructure highlight the power of these technologies and reinforce their benefits.

Optimize Processes
Simplified environments become attainable based on stable, flexible foundations that support secure and responsive environments.

Enrich Lives
Our ongoing commitment to innovate is aimed at creating the information communication technology-enable society of tomorrow.


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