Unified Messaging & Voicemail

Unified Messaging & Voicemail

Maximized responsiveness regardless of location

Unified Messaging & Voicemail

Greater Accessibility

NEC's Unified Messaging and Voicemail solutions speed communications to enable employees to performance their responsibilities easier and for organizations to strengthen their brand through increased accessibility to their workforce.

Our solutions are adaptive to the business community as well as core industries
such as healthcare, hospitality, education, finance and government.

Main Benefits

Our portfolio of unified messaging and voicemail technology makes conventional communications easier by helping to:

Quickly Route Calls
Because our solutions integrate closely with system platforms, calls arrive at their destination quickly and efficiently.

Quick Access To Voicemail
Employees connect directly to voicemail without encountering main voicemail greeting.

More Message Flexibility
Employees can capture messages live, archive them for future access and forward them to another mailbox.

Unified Messaging Features
Users can access and manage their messages on a variety of devices � regardless of the type or origin of the messages received.

Software Assurance

Software Assurance is NEC�s software subscription and support program. It is specially designed to protect technology investments by ensuring software is always current and by providing software lifecycle management.

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