NEC In-Apps

Highly integrated and intuitive user
and system applications

NEC In-Apps

Results Focused

NEC's leadership in advanced communications and smart digital workplaces is central to its current in-app solutions. Whether working to safeguard phone systems, providing a comprehensive property management system app to hoteliers or creating experiences where spontaneous accessibility is made easy, NEC applications simplify essential administrative and collaborative tasks in an extremely convenient and engaging manner.

Each app improves the ability to connect, access, share and get things done.

Convenient Accessibility

To ensure optimal usability, each NEC In-App has been developed to be compatible with the most commonly available and used web browsers or mobile operating systems based on each applications intended use and user base.

Browser accessible for ease in management and oversight by IT administrators.

Chrome® and Firefox® compatible for universal and round-the-clock availability by hotel staff.

Window® Microsoft® Outlook compatibility for optimum usability.

Windows® and Android® based for optimum accessibility among end users.


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