Cloud Faxing

Cloud Faxing

A secure and efficient way to circulate sensitive files

Cloud Faxing

Simplified Distribution

By allowing faxes to be easily sent and received from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device, XMediusFAX Cloud, NEC's cloud faxing solution from XMedius Solutions, Inc., makes the sharing of confidential document files simple and efficient.

XMediusFAX from NEC offers

  • A more immediate and practical alternative to traditional facsimile machines.
  • A digital replacement to paper and ink for more environmentally friendly file sharing.
  • Anytime and anywhere accessibility and functionality.
  • Support across all major file types.
  • Auto retry, scheduled distribution and successful or failed notification to simplify delivery management.
  • Distribution tracking and reporting for in-depth oversight.
  • Compatibility with multiple email platforms and browsers for ease of use.
  • Flexible pricing based on actual need, such as pay-per-use or economical volume-based usage plans.

Security Assurance

By encrypting messages prior and during file transmission and through the support of SSL, HTTPS, TLS transmission protocols, XMediusFAX from NEC makes faxing more secure by making files unreadable if intercepted.

With direct inbox delivery, concerns about intercepted documents are lessened.

Audit trails also help increase compliance with such regulatory requirements as HIPAA and SOX.


How can NEC make faxing cost efficient and secure for your organization?

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