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HYDRAstor Collaborative Solutions

Joint solutions that address evolving storage needs

HYDRAstor Collaborative Solutions

Advanced Integrated Backup & Disaster Recovery

NetBackup OpenStorage Integration
NEC's HYDRAstor OpenStorage Suite for Vertias™ NetBackup™ extends the functionality of Vertias NetBackup to improve throughput, maximize storage capacity, prevent I/O bottlenecks, reduce bandwidth consumption and optimize overall backup workload.

Data Protection for Virtual Machine

Veeam & HYDRAstor: Simple, Fast and Cost Effective VM Backup Solution
NEC and Veeam® Software, an innovative provider of VM data protection and management, delivers a cost-efficient, high-performance and reliable VM backup and replication solution for VMware vSphere® and Microsoft Hyper-V® virtual environments.

Effective Video Archive Solutions for Media & Entertainment

Video Archive Solution for MAM with Archiware P5
Archiware P5 and NEC HYDRAstor encompasses disk or tape backup and archiving pay-as-you-grow modular scale-out storage.
Tiger Technology & HYDRAstor Active Archive Solution
This NEC and Tiger solution provides high-performance workflow storage with near limitless scalability and data longevity to maximize capability, performance and value of rich media and enterprise applications.

Mainframe Backup

Fast & Reliable Depulication Backup for Mainframe Users with Optica zVT
Optica Technologies and NEC offers a high-performance mainframe virtual tape solution that combines Optica's zVT mainframe virtual tape appliance with NEC's HYDRAstor scalable deduplication storage technology.

Video Surveillance Scalable Archive

Scale-Out Grid Storage for Milestone XProtect
NEC provides server and storage infrastructure for running Milestone Xprotect® - an open architecture video management system (VMS) that is compatible with more IP cameras, encoders, and digital video recorders than any other manufacturer - on NEC servers and storing archived video on NEC's HYDRAstor grid storage platform.


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