Protection against toll fraud attacks and improper phone usage

Defensive Measures

NEC InGuard helps companies guard against unauthorized or inappropriate use of their phone system, including communications networks, conference lines and devices.

By establishing a set of rules based on an organization's specific call patterns,
InGuard is able to detect when a rule is broken, quickly alerting administrators of a potential issue.

InGuard offers

  • 24/7 call activity monitoring.
  • Instant detection of fraudulent activities as it occurs.
  • An effective defense against toll fraud attacks.
  • An installation health check that identifies potential system weaknesses.
  • Low cost on-boarding as an embedded solution that does not require additional equipment investment.
  • Compatible with NEC's SL2100 and UNIVERGE® SV9100 communications platform.
  • Easy administration and oversight through an internet browser.

Two Alert Options

Alert Only
An email notification to designated recipients that an event is taking place.

Alert & Block
An email notification to designated recipients that an event is taking place but also prevents any further call activity.

All email alerts provide a detailed explanation why a call or calls is considered fraudulent for effective evaluation and fast response.

Take A Closer Look

Discover how defense against toll fraud attacks can be resolved with NEC's simple, low cost embedded solution - InGuard - with this short and informative video.

Software Assurance

InGuard can be further strengthened with Software Assurance, NEC's software subscription and support program. Specially designed to protect technology investments, Software Assurance ensures that software is always current and also provides software lifecycle management.

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