UNIVERGE® SV9100 Mobile Extension

UNIVERGE® SV9100 Mobile Extension

Extending the reach of desktop phones

UNIVERGE SV9100 Mobile Extension

Replicated Connectivity

NEC's UNIVERGE SV9100 Mobile Extension provides desktop phone features on nearly any communication devices.
It enables smartphones, home phones or other external devices to simulate an office phone.

One number access means reachability regardless of location.

Mobile Extension offers:

  • One-number access to reduce response time.
  • Flexible call control and management for increased efficiency.
  • Access to key desktop telephone features for easy handling or redirecting of calls.
  • Caller ID routing for ensured privacy of cell phone and external device telephone numbers.

Total Control

Mobile Extension ensures that employees remain in control of their calls.

Internal Routing
Incoming calls that are not answered by the external telephone can be made to simply follow the internal routing - including routing to voicemail.

Call Forward
When combined with the call forward both ring feature, desktop telephone and external telephone or device ring simultaneously.

Voicemail Routing
Unanswered callers who dial a direct extension can be routed to voicemail - even while internal and transferred calls are not.

Maximum Command

Remote Mobile Extension users can access desktop telephone features on their mobile device even when answering a Mobile Extension call.
They can receive calls, transfer incoming calls to another extension, place calls on hold, make an intercom call, access voice mail, insert the caller into a conference or perform any number of other call-handling communication server features - all from their cell phone or other external device.


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