UC Mobility

UC Mobility

Rollover communications for maximum accessibility


Centralized Availability

NEC's Unified Communications (UC) Mobility solution - also known as UNIVERGE® MC550 - enables a workforce to stay anywhere, anytime productive through uninterrupted call transfer and collaborative tools.

Employees can easily customize how they are reached while still being about to access the systems and information needed
to perform their core responsibilities.

UC Mobility offers:

  • One phone number with the ability to delegate which phones should ring when that number is called.
  • Current status and availability of other UCE users from a personal computer and web-enabled mobile devices.
  • An intuitive web browser to perform such functions as search for contacts, access contact information and review the call log.
  • Easy rollover of calls initiated or received by UC Mobility to and from desktop phones.
  • Editing of personal profiles and enhanced social networking.
  • The ability to answer, ignore or release calls from a smart device's lock screen.

Intuitive Modifications

An easy-to-use web interface for setting contact rules allow users to simply modify how they are to be reached based on their status.
Users can also prioritize the exact call treatment when someone calls their number to ensure important customers or phone calls aren't missed.


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