Fixed Mobile Convergence (uMobility™)

Fixed Mobile Convergence (uMobility™)

Roaming mobile functionality


Uninterrupted Access

With NEC's uMobility an organization's workforce can be equipped with single number reach, unified voice messaging and enhanced in-building coverage on their mobile devices through their organization's Wi-Fi network.

Employees through their mobile device can effortlessly roam on and off their corporate campus from their business Wi-Fi
to cellular network and back again without drops in service.

uMobility offers:

  • Single number reach that when rung calls both a cell phone and business phone ring.
  • Unified voice messaging alleviating the need to check multiple voicemail boxes for messages. All missed calls, regardless of the phone called, ring directly to a central mailbox that can be checked from one's desk or if on the go.
  • Roaming using a smartphone to easily transfer calls from the business's Wi-Fi network to a cellular network and back again.
  • Enterprise dialing through a smartphone to make station-to-station or external calls. Enter just a four-digit extension, just a five-digit extension or the entire number.

Increased Cost Savings

Another added benefit of uMobility is that it reduces cell phone minute charges each time a cell phone is used at the office because the cellular network is bypassed - resulting in potential cost savings.


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