Digital Desktop Phones

Digital Desktop Phones

Proven reliability based on multi-line, multi-functionality

Digital Desktop Phones

Intuitiveness & Functionality

NEC's digital desktop phones are an attractive addition to any enterprise environment.
Sleek design combined with highly customizable and intuitive features easily allow employees to streamline how they work and communicate.

The use of universal prompt icons not only provides at-a-glance comprehension but makes user roll-out easy.

Robust Capabilities

NEC's digital desktop phones combine ease of use with highly intuitive features so employees can manage how they communicate effortlessly.

Searchable Contact Directories
Quick access name display look-ups

Accommodating Functionality
Full duplex hands-free operation

Quick Contact Directories
Alphabetic keyboard contact look-ups

Multi-color Message-waiting Indicator
7 customizable color choices

Customized Identification
Ring tones assignable to specific numbers

Optional Add-Ons
Module choices that deliver flexible and added performance


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